Review of “The Spirit of Smiling”

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The Spirit of Smiling by Gary Giamboi

“Gary imparts knowledge distilled from his years of both his life experience and his studying Eastern spiritual practices.

In this book you will find explanations of Eternal Wisdom in everyday understandable language. Difficult concepts are explained with wonderful stories and metaphors which make essential points easy to relate to.

The exceptional book is truly a treasure and one to refer to again and again.

The writing style is such that the reader is engaged in conversation with the author. This reader experience felt as if Gary was speaking directly to her and during the process of reading, a True Smile appeared on her face. “

Suzanne Stier, PhD

Consultant to Family Owned Businesses and Religious Institutions

Certified Spiritual Director

About The Dharma Warrior

Gary Giamboi, The Dharma Warrior, has been studying Eastern arts since 1969. He has been teaching them for over 25 years. For more details about Gary Giamboi, see the "About Gary Giamboi" page by clicking the link below or the navigation tab above. About Gary Giamboi
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