Review of “The Spirit of Smiling”

In The Spirit of Smiling, Gary Giamboi draws on the principles of various Eastern traditions including Vedanta, Buddhism, and Daoism as he critically examines various topics including the process of teaching and learning, the cultivation of wisdom, and transcending the ego.Lucid and clearly written, Giamboi applies Asian theories of emptiness, karma, non-duality, and self-hood to everyday situations and circumstances confronting Western audiences.The Spirit of Smilingis an excellent primer for lay audiences wishing to study how Eastern philosophy may be practically applied in modern times. Each chapter of this text may be read individually for points to meditate upon. The book as a whole, however, takes the reader through a self-reflective journey in which we meditate upon the simple but profoundly significant act of smiling.Rohit Singh

PhD Candidate, Department of Religious Studies

UC Santa Barbara

About The Dharma Warrior

Gary Giamboi, The Dharma Warrior, has been studying Eastern arts since 1969. He has been teaching them for over 25 years. For more details about Gary Giamboi, see the "About Gary Giamboi" page by clicking the link below or the navigation tab above. About Gary Giamboi
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